Our long established Italian groupage service, running directly between Scotland and Italy, is second to none. With professional and reliable partners in Italy and an experienced and professional team in Scotland, we deliver where others can't.


Groupage departures are twice weekly from depots in Milan and Northeast Italy. Collections are made throughout Italy on a daily basis and freight is consolidated at these depots with shipments collected directly by the international vehicle, ready for international departure. Trailers leave every Tuesday and Friday and come directly to Scotland.

We can accommodate all types of collection requirements, from sliding roofed vehicles for overhead loading, to tail lifts, to collections on boats from islands such as Venice, to Hi-ab vehicles with cranes on board.

Deliveries in Scotland are provisionally arranged while the trailer is on route, and close liaison with your chosen delivery point provides the most expedient delivery possible.


Groupage departures are twice weekly from our depot in Denny. Trailers leave every Tuesday and Friday and go directly to our agent in Milan. As with our import service, collections in Scotland are arranged to suit the volume of cargo and when it is available to be collected. Deliveries in Italy are either done directly by the international trailer, or through our excellent local distribution network.

Our native Italian speaking staff will be happy to help communicate with your clients/ suppliers if you encounter language barriers.