IFS Worldwide started out in 2002 as Italian Freight Services.

Our Managing Director David White began his freight forwarding career by working for 10 years in Italy. On returning home to Scotland he used his invaluable contacts in the Italian industry to build our specialised service.

For over 10 years we focused solely on making a success of this service, but in recent years, our customers have been asking us to handle freight between Scotland and a variety of destinations throughout Europe and beyond.

With consistent annual sales growth and proven work systems in place, we decided to take our operations worldwide. With a considerable part of our revenue coming from other freight forwarders, it is clear that we are the experts used by the professionals.

Bigger isn't always better

Larger freight forwarders tend to have long chains of command, with more subcontractors between you and your freight. The result? The more people there are in the loop, the harder it is to keep control of your delivery. Our direct freight services to and from Scotland keep things simple, avoiding the extra costs and lack of control that subcontracting can bring.