IFS Worldwide was founded by 2 partners, David White & John McKain. They met while working together in Italy in the late 1980's.

With 10 years’ experience of freight forwarding based in Italy before returning to the UK, David White built up the relationships and networks that make the Italian side of our business so effective. Thorough knowledge of Italian business practices gained from working there, combined with personal contacts at every level of key Italian forwarding companies, helps our service run smoothly and gives us a wide choice of options for more demanding freight projects.

John McKain had a project management background before starting IFS Worldwide. This involved helping small business startups and along with business & financial management experience gained during 10 years working in Film & TV Production, these skills helped develop a winning strategy for the company.

Lorraine Fee was branch manager of a multinational freight forwarding business before joining IFS Worldwide 8 weeks after we started trading in Feb 2003. Working at all levels of the freight industry since leaving school means that Lorraine’s experience is second to none.

We have both fluent and native Italian speaking staff who help ensure seamless communications with suppliers and clients in the Italian part of the business.