Please find below a summary of our Standard Trading Conditions, which are in addition to the Standard Trading Conditions (“STC”) of the British International Freight Association (“BIFA”), the current version of which is available on request. Your attention is drawn to specific clauses hereof which exclude or limit IFS Worldwide Ltd (“the Company”)’s liability and those which require the Customer to indemnify the Company in certain circumstances and those which limit time and those which deal with conditions of issuing effective goods insurance being clauses 8,10, 11(A) and 11(B), 12-14 inclusive, 18-20 inclusive and 24-27 inclusive. Our Goods In Transit insurance cover is based on BIFA/ CMR terms, and has a limit for Theft Attractive Goods of £50,000 for any one event.

Our credit terms require payment by return unless you hold a credit account with us, and for specific FREIGHT, DUTY, VAT and our CASH DISBURSEMENTS, payment is always due by RETURN. We reserve the right to withdraw credit terms at our own discretion, notice of which shall be given in writing, (be it by letter, fax, email or other means), in the event of which all sums become payable immediately. We also reserve the right to charge interest on overdue amounts at BOE Base Rate + 5% and to recover costs involved in securing payment. Any dispute regarding invoices sent to you should be advised in writing no later than 14 days following receipt of said invoice(s). Failure to lodge such notice will render the invoice irrevocable and payment will be required within the terms of the credit agreement.

All job instructions to be executed by IFS Worldwide Ltd shall be confirmed in writing and sent to us by fax or email prior to commencement of the job.

Providing accurate commodity codes, customs procedure codes, rates of Duty/VAT and valuations remains the sole responsibility of the Shipper/ Consignee, and no liability relating to any comments made by IFS staff regarding such detail will be accepted by IFS.
In all and any dealings with HMRC for and on behalf of the Customer and/or Owner, the Company is deemed to be appointed, and acts, as Direct Representative only.
Particular attention is drawn to Clause 20 (A) of the BIFA STC under which the Customer agrees to indemnify IFS Worldwide Ltd for all duties, taxes, imposts, levies and outlays of whatsoever nature levied by any authority in relation to the Good(s) arising out of IFS Worldwide Ltd acting in accordance with the Customer’s instructions.

IFS Worldwide Ltd will not accept any claim for damage where packaging is not appropriate for the method of transport arranged. While reasonable care is taken to protect goods, all shipping methods inevitably lead to shock such as (but not limited to) jolts from potholes etc which are unavoidable and packaging must be suitable to protect freight during transport and handling.

While transport will be planned to meet required delivery times, ALL shipments are subject to delay outwith our control and no absolute delivery deadline is ever agreed or implied.

We recommend that all clients arrange Marine Cargo (full value) Insurance cover. Such cover minimises disruption to your business as it will usually settle any claim much more quickly than a claim under CMR terms through our freight liability policy, as this usually involves a claim against sub-contractors abroad. CMR claim limits may also not cover the full value of your goods as it is limited by weight. For further details about Marine Cargo Insurance please feel free to contact us.

By entering into a contractual agreement with IFS Worldwide, clients agree that in addition to the standard terms governing that contract (e.g. BIFA/ CMR/ Hague-Visby), all claims for loss or damage will be settled by mutual agreement, and never by deduction from freight charges.

The following terms apply only to clients arranging their own customs declarations;  

IFS Worldwide charge a handover fee to co-ordinate the release of UK Customs, including but not limited to; the operation of  ‘T’ documents, French ‘enveloppe’ system, GVMS etc as agreed per shipment.  IFS Worldwide require document copies and relevant reference numbers for UK ‘Pre-Lodgement’ Customs entries made by third parties NO LATER than midday on the day that goods are planned to depart from Italy. This is to avoid holdups to the vehicle caused by inadequate paperwork or electronic entries.  Delays to any vehicle due to inadequate customs entries made by a third party will incur a demurrage fee of £500 / €600 per day or part thereof.